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Footcare & Earwax Removal

Foot Healthcare

Ali Murray P.A.F.H.P is a dedicated health and wellbeing therapist and recently qualified as a Foot Health Care Practitioner specialising in:

  • Medi Ped
  • Nail Trimming & Filing
  • Callus Reduction
  • Corn and Verruca Removal
  • Ingrowing Nails
  • Cracked Heels
  • Fungal and Thickening of Nails
  • Diabetic Foot Care

Initial Consultation and treatment £29

Earwax Removal

Do you suffer with:

Excess wax build up in your ears?
Blocked itchy ears?
Ringing in the ears?
Tickly cough?

Safe, secure and easy way to have your earwax removed by a fully-trained and certified professional. Using either low pulse pressure irrigation or micro suction methods we can help remove obstructive wax from your ear canals.

Low pulse pressure irrigation – Warm water irrigation, gently removes the wax by using a controlled, low pressure water jet which is angled towards the ear canal wall rather than at the actual blockage (which may push the wax deeper and cause discomfort or ear pain).

Microsuction – undertaken correctly by a trained clinician is a pain free method used to remove wax from ear canals when irrigation isn’t possible, for example because of a perforated ear drum or grommets, where any water in the ear canal could enter the inner ear and cause problems.

At consultation we may suggest you use an olive oil spray prior to treatment in order to assist the removal by softening stubborn wax.
We will only charge for treatment if excess wax needs to be removed. If at your appointment there is no excess wax then we will only charge our consultation fee.

Consultation (redeemable) £20
Treatment £49

Footcare & Earwax Procedures


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