Facial Treatments

30 Minute Facial

Perfect for people with limited time. The Express facial gives a deep cleanse, tone and the exfoliation gently draws out any impurities.

£35 – 30mins

1 Hour Facial

Brilliant for people in need of pampering, our hydrating facial gives you a deep cleanse, tone and moisturise with an added massage using essential oils to help relieve you of any tension or troubles.

£45 – 1hr

Bespoke Facial – 60mins

This facial is designed specifically for you following a consultation and includes cleanse, mask, lymph drainage, tone, moisturise including a facial, scalp & hand massage.

£55 – 60mins

Dermatude Micro-Needling

Meta Therapy is the new method for skin rejuvenation great for anti-ageing, skin hydration and restoration. The facial treatment can be performed on the entire face, neck, décolleté, or specific areas for overall skin rejuvenation. The skin will improve in structure, have finer pores, increase firmness, boost elasticity, and give a more youthful appearance.

100% Safe, 100% Natural
The advanced digital device with precision hand piece and patented modules guarantee optimal results without risk of skin damage or scarring. For the best safety and hygiene, all modules are single use only and disposable. The safety membrane inside the modules prevent cross contamination. Leading dermatologists worldwide consider Dermatude as effective and safe.

Full Face Dermatude

Course of 3  £145 (a course of 3 can only be purchased once a course of 10 is completed)
Course of 10  £480

Hopi Ear Candles with Relaxing Facial​​​​​

Treating each ear separately, the candle is coated with natural ingredients such as beeswax, honey and herbs which created a light vacuum effect helping with headaches, sinus problems and general wellbeing, incorporating a facial assists the lymphatic drainage of built up toxins.

£45 – 1hr

​Indian Head Massage with Relaxing Facial

Works with a firm but gentle rhythm to release tension, soothe aching muscles and promote relaxation. Incorporating a facial which together will improve skin condition due to improved circulation.

£45 – 1hr

Bespoke Facial – 75mins

This facial is tailored for your individual needs and designed to soothe, calm and nourish a tired, irritated or unhappy complexion. This luxurious facial includes cleanse, mask, lymph drainage, tone, moisturise, face massage, hand massage & oil scalp massage

£65 – 75mins

The Signature Full Face

A-Lift Age Reversal

A facelift without . . . needles, botox or fillers! The Nouveau A-Lift is the NEW nano-current facial treatment that is a leap forward in facial refinement.

The Signature Full Face – £65
The Signature Full Face – Course of 10 –  £480
The Signature Full Face – Course of 3* –  £145

*Course of 3 facials can only be purchased once a course of 10 is  completed

Million Dollar Facials

All our facials start with a consultation. We assess your skin and discuss what you want to achieve in order for us to put together a perfect treatment plan.

Million Dollar Facials logo

Million Dollar 10 Step Facial

This is the ultimate facial including double cleanse, tone, wonder balm to hydrate the skin, lymphatic drainage, dermaplane, relevant serum, microneedling, relevant mask, moisturise followed by the Million Dollar SPF 50. (Must be over 18+)


Mini Million Dollar Facial

Includes double cleanse, extraction using steam, exfoliation, lymphatic drainage, relevant mask, moisturise followed by the ultimate SPF50. (Ideal for age 16+ or pregnant client)


Glow Super Facial / Hydrate Super Facial

Includes double cleanse, tone, HA15 serum or Vit-C10 serum, lymphatic drainage, relevant mask, moisturise followed by the ultimate Million Dollar SPF50.
*Glow Super is ideal for dull skin but not suitable for pregnant clients or clients with sensitive skin however, Hydrate Super is suitable if pregnant or sensitive skin.


Miracle Mask

The Magic of the Miracle mask working with peptides and antioxidants to tighten and firm the skin, thus instantly energising the skin giving your clients an instant lifting and tightening look that will last 7 days. (Dermaplaining can be added to this facial for just £15 extra)


Million Dollar Dermaplaining

This fantastic treatment is ideal for removing vellas hair and up to 5 layers of dead skin.
The treatment involves double cleanse, tone, balm for hydration, dermaplane, relevant serum, followed by the ultimate Million Dollar SPF50.


Million Dollar Microneedling

Ideal for minimising fine lines and improving acne scaring, stretch marks, minimise pores, improve texture and tone rejuvenation and encourage the production of collagen.
A course of treatments to encourage best results

(Available for the face or body)

1x £75 – 2x £140 – 3x £195 – 4x £250

Million Dollar Bacial

Bacial is a facial for the back making ideal for problem skin or a special occasion when your back is centre stage.
This treatment involves double cleanse, extraction using steam, exfoliation, manual extraction, relevant mask followed by moisturiser.


Million Dollar Hand Rejuvenation

The hands are the first areas to show pigmentation, wrinkles and crapes skin and dryness.
This treatment involves double cleanse, exfoliation, relevant serum, microneedling, relevant serum again followed by the amazing SPF50.


Million Dollar Immaculate Peels

This collection of peels are medium depth skin peels and specifically for those with aging, lined and wrinkled complexions with signs of sun damage, ideally part of a ongoing treatment program within the Million Dollar Collection.


Before & After


facial treatment before


facial treatment after